GRUPPE PLANET Travel To Uncertain Grounds
Vinyl Box

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1. Travel To Uncertain Grounds
2. Saros
3. At Night On A Roof
4. Fuse
5. Unfold
6. Bullhead
7. Yield
8. Mirai


GRUPPE PLANET is a german band whose musicians are scattered across the country - Berlin, Hamburg & Jena. The members might already be known from acts such as Heaven Shall Burn, Décembre Noir, DŸSE or A DOG CALLED EGO . But all this information does not help when it comes to the music, the four-piece is offering.

First of all: there are no vocals. GRUPPE PLANET is fully instrumental. Secondly: Do Read more [...] not expect death or black metal or experimental rock. GRUPPE PLANET is different - in an astonishingly good way. Thirdly: be prepared for electronics, synths and ambient noises to come into play. GRUPPE PLANET is following their intuition and emotions. Nothing more. Nothing less.

"Travel To Uncertain Grounds" marks the fine-layered debut of this German band. What is in the focus: searching for unflustered sounds, expanding creativity and challenging electronic textures & instrumental music. There is an uncanny narcotic power and elemental beauty to that record. Or to cite the title of GRUPPE PLANETs debut again: "Travel To Uncertain Grounds".


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