THE NEW ROSES promo video: Down By The River (Audio Track)

Update on 2019-06-13 08:35:52
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Down By The River (Audio Track)
New Promo Video for album 'Nothing But Wild' released on 2019-08-02 via NAPALM Records see below
The Heavy Rock band THE NEW ROSES (Germany) will release their new album 'Nothing But Wild' (CD) on August 02, 2019 via NAPALM Records

1. Soundtrack Of My Life
2. Can't Stop Rock N Roll
3. Down By The River
4. Nothing But Wild
5. Heartache
6. The Bullet; Running Out Of Hearts
7. Unknown Territory
8. As The Crow Flies
9. Give & Take
10. The Only Thing
11. Meet Me Half Way
12. Glory Road
Bonus Tracks:
13. Down By The River (Unplugged)
14. Fight Your Leaving Me (Unplugged)

PROMO VIDEO THE NEW ROSES Down By The River (Audio Track)