OCEANS will release a new album 'The Sun And The Cold' (CD) in January

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The German Nu Metal band OCEANS will release a new album entitled 'The Sun And The Cold' (CD) on January 10, 2020 via NUCLEAR BLAST

'The Sun And The Cold' tracklisting:
CD 1:
1. The Sun And The Cold
2. We Are The Storm
3. Dark
4. Paralyzed
5. Take The Crown
6. Shadows
7. Legions Arise
8. Polaris
9. Truth Served Force Fed
10. Water Rising
11. Hope
Bonus Tracks:
12. We Are The Storm (Radio Edit)
13. Polaris (Born Free Remix)
14. Polaris (Don't Breathe Remix)

CD 2:
"Into The Void" & "Cover Me In Darkness" EP's
1. Into The Void
2. Icarus
3. Scars
4. The Sound Of Your Voice
5. The Last Day On Earth (MARILYN MANSON Cover)
6. Scars To Your Beautiful [feat. Anna Murphy] (ALESSIA CARA Cover)
7. My Own Summer (Shove It) (DEFTONES Cover)
8. Creep (RADIOHEAD Cover)
9. Would (ALICE IN CHAINS Cover)

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PROMO VIDEO OCEANS We Are The Storm (Visualizer Video)