IMAGIKA Devils On Both Sides
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1. In Your Shadow
2. Hexed
3. Evil's Rising
4. Devils On Both Sides
5. Last Battalion
6. Back To The Beginning
7. Voice Of Prejudice
8. Spellbound
9. Dead-Eye Stare
10. Vigilante


Guitarist STEVEN D. RICE formed IMAGIKA with the goal of playing trend-free and timeless music. They absorbed influences from the Bay Area Thrash scene and mixed them with their love for classic bands like JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. They toured Europe with GRAVE DIGGER and IRON SAVIOR in 1999. DEVIL ON BOTH SIDES is the bands 3rd album produced by NEIL KERNON and mixed by JUAN URTEAGA [SKINLAB]. IMAGIKA is Read more [...] without doubt one of the most exciting bands to have recently emerged from the USA.


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