HIRAX The New Age of Terror
CD Jewel case

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1. Killswitch
2. Hostile Territory
3. The New Age of Terror
4. Swords of Steel
5. Into the Ruins
6. Massacre of the Innocent
7. Hell on Earth
8. Suffer
9. El Dia de los Muertos
10. El Diablo Negro (Remake)
11. Unleash the Dogs of War


The new HIRAX album, THE NEW AGE OF TERROR, is without doubt one of the most outstanding comeback albums of this year. The U.S. Bay Area cult-metal outfit, fronted by KATON W. DE PENA, dish up a relentless high-energy thrash-attack. Already the European media have awarded the album outstanding scores and superlative reviews. The album is a must for fans of the likes of D.R.I., NUCLEAR ASSAULT and EXODUS. HIRAX will Read more [...] appear at several festivals in Europe this year, including: SWEDEN ROCK, H: O: R, and METAL BASH - both in Germany - and DOKK-EM in Holland. Details of a full-blown European November tour are to be announced after the summer.


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