KILLER Fatal Attraction
CD Jewel case

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1. Middle Ages
2. Fatal Attraction
3. Break Down The Wall
4. Steel Meets Steel
5. Kick On Your Ass
6. Lift Me Up
7. Highway Killers
8. Hibernation
9. Evil On The Road
10. I'm On Fire
Bonus Tracks:
SHORTY'S solo album VAN CAMP

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11. Too Wild To Tame
12. Crazy Circus
13. Chinese Woman


After a quarter of a century KILLER still rings hells bells in the minds of innumerable metal fans around the world. One of Belgiums all-time most successful rock music export products, KILLER were enthused by SAXON, IRON MAIDEN and other pioneers of the NWOBHM, but being an extremely loud trio, and with their trademark growling vocal delivery, they were always compared with MOTORHEAD, until latter days when they Read more [...] added a second guitar player, and reinvented themselves as a quartet. The reissued compact disc version of FATAL ATTRACTION contains four bonus tracks from founding member, guitarist SHORTY VAN CAMPs solo album VAN CAMP,


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