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DVD 1:
1. Girlschool
Hit And Run
2. Mustasch
Monday Warrior
3. Sturm & Drang
Rising Son
4. Alestorm
Captain Morgan´s Revenge
5. Airbourne
Girls In Black
6. Leaves Eyes
New Found Land
7. Mambo Kurt
The Number Of The Beast
8. Iron Maiden
Two Minutes To Midnight

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9. Primordial
Gallows Hymn
10. Mortal Sin
Out Of The Darkness
11. Cynic
How Could I
12. Job For A Cowboy
Entombment Of A Machine
13. Unearth
The Great Dividers
14. Headhunter
Born In The Woods
15. The Rotted
A Return To Insolence
16. Kamelot
Rule the World
17. Destructor
18. Soilwork
As The Sleeper Awakes
19. Autumn
Closest Friends Conspire
20. Sabaton
Attero Dominatus
21. Sonata Arctica
Don´t Say A Word
22. Massacre
Defeat Remains
23. Stam1na
Merestä Maalle
24. Psychopunch
Another Statement
25. Nifelheim
Storm Of The Reaper
26. The Haunted
Moronic Colossus
27. Van Canto
The Mission
28. Opeth
Heir Apparent
29. Corvus Corax
30. Saltatio Mortis
Uns Gehört Die Welt
31. Avantasia
Twisted Mind

DVD 2:
1. God Seed
Carving A Giant
2. God Seed
Teeth Grinding
3. Crematory
Tears Of Time
4. Excrementory Grindfuckers
Excrementory Grindfuckers
5. The Fading
Destination Life
6. 3 Inches Of Blood
The Goatriders Horde
7. Machine Men
Ghost Of The Seasons
8. Evocation
The Dead
9. Holy Moses
Through Shattered Minds
10. Mercenary
Black And Hollow
11. Before The Dawn
12. Enemy Of The Sun
Burning Bridges
13. Exodus
14. Obituary
Slow Death
15. Powerwolf
Saturday Satan
16. Warbringer
Total War
17. As I Lay Dying
Within Destruction
18. Torture Squad
Living For The Kill
19. Krypteria
Somebody Save Me
20. Carcass
Ruptured In Purulence / Heartwork
21. Carcass
Drumsolo Ken Owen
22. Killswitch Engage
Rose Of Sharyn
23. Girugämesh
Dance Rock Night
24. Dream Of An Opium Eater
25. Watain
Sworn To The Dark
26. Kreator
27. Nightwish
28. Nightwish
Poet And The Pendulum
29. Axxis
Blood Angel
30. Lordi
They Only Come Out At Night
31. Lordi
Hardrock Hallelujah


Collection of live performances from the 2008 Wacken heavy metal festival held in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


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