SABATON The Great Show
DVD + Blu-ray Disc Box

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DVD + Blu-ray:
"The Great Show" (Prague)
1. Ghost Division
2. Great War
3. The Attack Of The Dead Men
4. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
5. The Los Battalion
6. The Red Baron
7. The Last Stand
8. Far from the Flame
9. Night Witches
10. Angels Calling (with APOCALYPTICA)
11. Fields Of Verdun (with APOCALYPTICA)
12. The Price Of A Mile (with APOCALYPTICA)
13. The Lion From The North (with APOCALYPTICA)
14. Carolus Rex (with APOCALYPTICA)

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15. Primo Victoria
16. Bismarck
17. Swedish Pagans
18. To Hell And Back


"The Great Show", with a running time of about 90 minutes, was recorded at SABATON's sold-out performance at the O2 Arena in Prague on January 26, 2020.

MUSIC VIDEOS SABATON Swedish Pagans (Live)

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