EINHERJER Norse And Dangerous (Live​.​.​. From The Land Of Legends)

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1. West Coast Groove
2. The Spirit Of A Thousand Years
3. The Blood & The Iron
4. Kill The Flame
5. Nidstong
6. Stars
7. Mine Våpen Mine Ord
8. Nord & Ner
9. Spre Vingene
10. Ballad Of The Swords
11. Dragons Of The North
12. Ironbound
13. Far Far North


World-renowned Norsemen EINHERJER have returned to unleash their fantastic, grim sound once more! Founded in 1993, the metal veterans have spent nearly 30 years making their mark on the Viking Metal genre with eight studio albums and two EPs. This year, the band even reached another benchmark, earning a nomination for a Spellemann Award - the most important music prize in their home country of Norway. But the Read more [...] four-piece haven’t begun resting on their laurels yet - EINHERJER is now set to deliver Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends), a spectacular live album that was originally recorded at their North Star release concerts in their hometown of Haugesund on February 26 and 27, 2021.

The show sets off with great opener “West Coast Groove” from their most recent studio album, North Star (2021). Next, “The Spirit Of A Thousand Years” showcases EINHERJER’s technical songwriting sophistication with the finest guitar solos, while “The Blood & The Iron” offers bursting, intense energy and “Kill The Flame” lures with its characteristic riffage. But the band doesn’t stop with more recent songs! After visiting several other favorites, the band soon returns to days of yore with tracks like “Dragons Of The North” and “Ballad Of The Swords” from their 1996 debut full-length Dragons Of The North, before closing with turn-of-the-century banger “Ironbound” and classic tune “Far Far North”. The live contrast between their formative hits and more recent orchestrations clearly proves that the band has remained true to themselves throughout the decades, continually delivering an authentic sound. Norse And Dangerous (Live... From The Land Of Legends) beautifully sums up EINHERJER’s discography and will satisfy fans new and returning – offering a live gem that no true Viking Metaller should miss!


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