WORMED Planisphaerium (Re-Issue) CD

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1. Tunnel Of Ions
2. Geodesic Dome
3. Voxel Mitosis
4. Fragments
5. Ylem
6. Plnisphaerium
7. Pulses in Rhombus Forms
8. Dehydrating
Bonus Tracks:
9. Voxel Mitosis (Promo 2001)
10. Pulses In Rhombus Forms (Demo)
11. Ectoplasmic Iconosphere (D1)

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12. Ectoplasmic Iconosphere (D2)
13. Floating Cadaver In The Monochrome


Originally released in 2003, Planisphaerium is the only official full-length released from sci-fi brutal death metal band Wormed. The band has developed a huge cult fan base comparable to Defeated Sanity. Devourment, and Gorgasm because of their unbelievable musicianship and brutality. Prepare to be Wormed


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