VORNA Sateet Palata Saavat
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1. Ylle kaartuvat
2. Toinen
3. Syvyydet
4. Sydäntalven Puut
5. Maa martona makaa
6. Aalloista
7. Virvatulet
8. Tyhjyys on tyyni
9. Sateet
10. Kauas


Clichés almost always have a true core. That artists from the (European) Far North tend to melancholy is one thing that has already been confirmed many times. VORNA is no different. The band from Tampere has been in existence since 2008, and still is today in its original line-up. With pride and self-confidence the musicians grasp their playing as "Finnish melancholic metal". Starting from a base between Folk and Read more [...] Black Metal, the Finns have enriched their playing since 2008. The symphonic extension of the third album underlines the atmospheric and melodic composition of the songs.

MUSIC VIDEO VORNA Tyhjyys on tyyni

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