VOLBEAT Rewind, Replay, Rebound CD

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1. Last Day Under The Sun
2. Pelvis On Fire
3. Rewind The Exit
4. Die To Live - Volbeat, Neil Fallon
5. When We Were Kids
6. Sorry Sack Of Bones
7. Cloud 9
8. Cheapside Sloggers
9. Maybe I Believe
10. Parasite
11. Leviathan
12. The Awakening Of Bonnie Parker

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13. The Everlasting
14. 7:24


In order to give their cyclical time journey an even more multi-faceted Rock & Roll sound, Volbeat brought a number of guests into the studio to work on Rewind, Replay, Rebound. Beside the background singer Mia Maja, who helps out in the course of the album, they also relied on the Harlem Gospel Choir, with which they had already recorded the piece "Goodbye Forever"; on the #1 predecessor album. This Read more [...] time the choir can be heard on three songs, among others on the single "Last Day Under The Sun";. "That went without saying, without thinking,"; says Poulsen about the collaboration and his task of integrating the vocals into the Volbeat sound. "I knew how perfect that would be. And so they can now be heard on three songs - but it could have been more easily."



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