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1. Serial Killer
2. Eye For An Eye
3. Antihero
4. Prior
5. Scream For Me
6. Unforged
7. Fight For Your Life
8. I'm Away


If the 21st century was a metal band it would be called UNFORGED. Raw, honest and exactly what this time is worthy of UNFORGED is the musical liberation from self made and imposed oppression, the band wakes us up with hard hitting rhythms. The lyrics fight their way through everyday life like a modern “Catcher in the Rye”, they are honest and suitable for the masses. All UNFORGED 's members grew up in the Ruhr area Read more [...] and gained metal experience in various formations until they got together three years ago. UNFORGED was founded / set up intending to combine modern metal and elements shaped by bands that govern the metal business, such as Metallica, Pantera,Trivium or Slipknot. In terms of musical realization, this means partly hard, partly groovy melodic song elements, choruses that are perfect to be roared along by the crowd at concerts and a combination of dark and powerful shouts with clear vocals. In terms of lyrics, UNFORGED's album EYE FOR AN EYE ” describes the life crisis of the modern man, who feels left behind, hurt or burned out by society and thus craves to kill, but also has a desperate desire for love. for an Eye” is almost a concept album that tells a story, starting with the song trilogy that sets the theme of the album: liberation from inner pain. The song is the heart of the album: A melodic introduction alternates with the pent up anger and hurt that is expressed in the lyrics and represented musically through a progressive shout chorus. because now the victim's avenger has to face justice. The songs on “Eye for an Eye ” express what many people need right now: a musical act of liberation.


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