UDO The Legacy
CD Digipak

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CD 1:
1. Fear Detector
2. Metal Never Dies
3. Wilder Life (Bonus Track)
4. Pandemonium
5. One Heart One Soul
6. Make The Move
7. What a Hell of a Night (Bonus Track)
8. Pain
9. Decadent
10. Falling Angels (Bonus Track)
11. Metal Machine

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12. Steelhammer
13. Dust and Rust (Bonus Track)
14. I Give as Good as I Get
15. Rock’n’roll Soldiers
16. Dominator

CD 2:
1. Mastercutor
2. Vendetta
3. 24/7
4. Blind Eyes
5. Man and Machine
6. Like a Lion
7. Shout It Out
8. Holy
9. Freelance Man
10. Independence Day
11. Metal Eater
12. Future Land
13. Blitz of Lightning
14. We’re History
15. Break the Rules
16. Go Back to Hell
17. They Want War


The Legacy - there's no better way to sum up U.D.O.'s 30th anniversary in the international metal world. 33 tracks from over three decades of music history bundled on two CDs. A tribute to the incomparable career of an incomparable band.

One thing has been clear for a long time: U.D.O. don't do things by halves and haven't lost any of their power even after more than 30 years of band history! Through Read more [...] hundreds of shows worldwide - even to the most remote areas of Russia or South America - and a discography of over 20 albums, the band has proven every time that they belong not only in the national, but international Metalolymp. Albums like "Steelfactory", "Man And Machine" or "Animal House" are timeless albums - precise, punchy, catchy and powerful. Almost every album made it into the German album charts with one or the other placing in the Top 10! Not for nothing are national and international prominent colleagues like Doro or Lordi followers and supporters of U.D.O.'s music.
There is no question that another tribute has to be paid to the prophet of German metal and the highlights of this successful career have been compiled on one sound carrier. A total of 33 tracks from albums like Mastercutor, Holy, Solid or Game Over paired with nostalgic photos make this compilation a must-have in the CD cabinet not only for old fans of the band.


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