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1. Knock Me Down (feat. Killvein)
2. You Dancy (feat. Lukas Rossi)
3. Ain’t Tellin Me Nothing (feat. PAV4N)
4. Soma Coma (feat. Shotty Horroh)
5. When You Were Mine (feat. Lukas Rossi)
6. Hot Fudge Sundae (feat. Josh Todd)
7. Caviar on a Paper Plate (feat. Mickey Avalon)
8. Leave Me Alone (feat. Killvein)
9. Demon Bitches (feat. Brooke Candy & Moon Bounce)
10. P.R.E.T.T.Y (feat. King Elle Noir)
11. Tops (feat. Push Push)
12. Make This Storm (feat. King Elle Noir)
13. Make It Back (feat. PLYA)

13. Make It Back (feat. PLYA)


The longtime Mötley Crüe drummer has just spent the last 2 years writing and recording his new album and it is about to challenge virtually everything you thought you knew about him and his musical proclivities. True, he hinted at some of the complexity behind the chaos, when he formed Methods of Mayhem and when he toured with Skrillex, Zedd and Deadmaus, but Lee’s new set of tracks seem to truly represent the music Read more [...] that’s he was meant to make – and that definitively reveals the depth and range of his musical fascinations. They also represent the male and female sides of music – equally important and equally powerful, thus the name of the album, Andro. Androgyny is a combination of the essences of male and female genders and the album is the manifestation of the concept.

MUSIC VIDEOS TOMMY LEE Caviar on a Paper Plate

Added on 2020-10-16


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