THE RODS Brotherhood Of Metal CD

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1. Brotherhood Of Metal
2. Everybody's Rockin'
3. Smoke On The Horizon
4. Louder Than Loud
5. Tyrant King
6. Party All Night
7. Tonight We Ride
8. 1982
9. Hell On Earth
10. The Devil Made Me Do It
11. Evil In Me


Some statements are so unambiguous that they require no further explanation: “If you like the first song, then the odds are you’ll like the whole album. It’s balls-to-the- wall heavy metal, song after song. No ballads and nothing your mom will be humming,” promises Carl Canedy, drummer of legendary US metal act The Rods. Canedy is referring to the album’s eponymously titled opener: Brotherhood Of Metal. Both the Read more [...] song and the album title reflect the musicians’ attitude to life, and what is more: it’s the general philosophy of this exceptional band: “David, Garry and I are still close friends all these years later, we’re a band of brothers and proud that we’re heavier than ever and making great Rods music for the fans.”


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