THE ANSWER Revival (Limited Edition) CD

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01. Waste Your Tears
02. Use Me
03. Trouble
04. Nowhere Freeway
05. Tornado
06. Vida (I Want You)
07. Caught On The Riverbed
08. Destroy Me
09. New Day Rising
10. Canít Remember, Canít Forget
11. One More Revival

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12. Lights Are Down

01. Piece By Piece
02. Faith Gone Down
03. Nowhere Freeway (live acoustic)
04. Tailspin (demo)
05. Fire And Water (FREE cover)
06. What I Am (demo)
07. Caught On The Riverbed (live acoustic)
08. The Enemy (demo)
09. Show Me The World (demo)
10. One More Revival (live acoustic)
11. Lights Are Down (piano and vocals)


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