TANK Still At War (Remastered) CD

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1. Still At War
2. T.G.N.I.D.
3. Light The Fire (Watch'em Burn)
4. The World Awaits
5. And Then We Heard The Thunder
6. In The Last Hours Before Dawn
7. Conspiracy Of Hate
8. When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
9. Return Of The Filth Hounds
10. The Blood's Still On Their Hands
11. The Fear Inside
Bonus Tracks:

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12. C-Ing Dub-All
13. Still At War (Single Mix)


The New Wave of British Heavy Metal era is considered one of the most controversial movements in the whole history of metal. One of the most influential formations which emerged in the beginnings of the N.W.O.B.H.M. madness was TANK - a fierce, ambitious young band, taking all the best that was in punk and metal to a higher level. In 2002 Tank released their latest album, entitled "Still at War", which was Read more [...] a truly memorable comeback for the band. Produced by Algy Ward himself, the album featured a set of classic, powerful tracks, which instantly won the hearts of die-hard fans, who often compared it to the band's best effort to date, "This Means War." Members of Tank themselves seem to be satisfied with this record as well. Musically, the album was indeed a comeback to the roots of N.W.O.B.H.M. and remains one of these unique records which, although recorded in contemporary times, still have that characteristic feeling of the 80s metal scene. "Still at War" remains the last, but also one the greatest albums Tank has ever recorded.


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