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1. Slin
2. Plattenspielertrick
3. Lutscher
4. Allein
5. Karre
6. Dame
7. Sonne
8. Herz
9. Bombster
11. Chief
12. Freund
13. Taub

13. Taub


Many years, drummer Randy played for the Cologne band The Fyredogs. During that time, todays bassist Anger joint the well-known snotty rockers. They released a handful of EPs and in 2010, after a foray of one and a half year into the camp of the band Motorjesus from Mönchengladbach, the Fyredogs' record "Hellfyrerocknroll" came out via ZYX Records and with Chris Boltendahl from Grave Digger on vocals. From 2012 Read more [...] until 2014, they grooved with the heavy rockers from The Grand Sleep. The time shared from 2004 until today has welded the two street dogs together into a perfect rhythm machine, that cannot be separated in music and friendship.

Anger has a bit more musical experience and shaped the golden age of glam metal at the end of the 90s with the band Vamp. After four years with the band, he, then, released three albums worldwide with the trash metal band The Company. At that time, Slin repeated eighth grade and mainly learnt how to pose with a badminton racket converted into a guitar in front of a mirror before he founded the punk rocknroll band Speedfreak together with three pals. They broke up in 2006 and in 2008, Slin founded the first German-speaking one-man-country blues explosion. By chance, Anger attended one of Slins shows and both met up at the counter of the Asscobar in Bonn. After two, three cold drinks, they could not avoid the question of a joint fun rehearsal any longer and they arranged a meeting in September 2014.

Since then, the band has been straightforward and talking about the things left and right of the lane. Drums, bass, guitar and little bit of a harmonica. That is all it takes for those crumpled guys to wrap up their experiences in defiance, frustration, love, hate and self-awareness in songs, which shilly-shally homelessly between rock, punk, blues, country and motorways. Therefore, their debut album is called "OHNE HEIMAT!" (Without A Home) and will be released via Fastball-Music in 2020.

An asphalt boiler of three that bulldozes streets, on which one goes nowhere but comes from everywhere. 90 % of those who saw these guys live on stage, would also stop at a motorway service station in a burning truck. The other 10 % already did.


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