SINHERESY Out Of Connection CD

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1. What Makes Us Human
2. Out Of Connection
3. Zero One
4. Facts, Words, Sand, Stone
5. Immortals
6. Absolution
7. Break The Surface
8. Shallow
9. Blood Like Water
10. The circle


The follow-up to 'Domino' carries on the musical evolution of the four-piece that features the unique vocal blend of Cecilia Petrini and Stefano Sain, bringing everything to a whole new level. Smashing guitar riffs, groovy drums, unforgettable choruses and electronic vibes will take the listener on a musical journey about who we are as human beings in the social network era and how our digital persona can Read more [...] overcome our true self.

This is how Cecilia commented: "'Out Of Connection' perfectly represents our relentless artistic evolution. We managed to balance immediacy, emotion and energy as we never did before, without ever forgetting that music is not a display of stylistic sets but a path of personal growth and research. I'm very proud of the new songs and I think that every time you listen to them you can dig deeper and discover new surprising sides of the band".


Added on 2020-03-16


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