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1. Feel The Heat
2. Free Ride
3. Sweet Obsession (Ride On)
4. Bad Side Of Town
5. Standing In The Headlines
6. Heading Down The Road 69
7. Devil In Me
8. Restless Call
9. Mystical Lady
10. Die A Million Times
11. Paid My Dues
12. Tired Of The Road


SIDEBURN are "Fired Up" ! This album is full of catchy hard rock songs - sometimes with a touch of rock 'n' roll or a hint of Americana - that will make you tap your feet like there's no tomorrow! SIDEBURN are back with their new album "Fired Up", and the title says it all - so get ready for an album full of catchy songs galore!
With the arrival of new blood, Thierry Nydegger on bass and Sickyy Lyo on Read more [...] guitars, SIDEBURN wanted to return to the sources with this album: Music without concessions and without frills. When they composed the songs, they always had in mind how they would sound like live on stage, and this heavily influenced the recording process.
After working with Beau Hill before and producing their last album "#8" on their own, SIDEBURN had a lot of fun working with Dennis Ward, who did a great job understanding their needs, and from whose guidance and expertise the band benefited.

MUSIC VIDEO SIDEBURN Standing In The Headlines

Added on 2022-06-10


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