SETH La Morsure du Christ
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1. La Morsure du Christ
2. Métal Noir
3. Sacrifice de Sang
4. Ex-Cathédrale
5. Hymne au Vampire (Acte III)
6. Les Océans du Vide
7. Le Triomphe de Lucifer
Bonus Tracks:
8. Les Océans du Vide - Synth Version
9. Sacrifice de Sang - Synth Version


French black metal pioneers SETH have once again lit the flame of the early days with ‘La Morsure du Christ’, which can be seen as a sequel to their 1998 acclaimed debut ‘Les blessures de l'âme’.

Returning to their original sound, the band use French alexandrine verses in their lyrics and choose a striking image as an album art. In a world moving further away from religion and spirituality, the demise Read more [...] of Notre Dame de Paris symbolizes the end of the Christian reign and the ultimate betrayal of God. From the ashes of the cathedral, a godless world will come into being.


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