SEETHER Vicennial - 2 Decades Of Seether
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1. Fake It
2. Remedy
3. Fine Again
4. Broken
5. Words As Weapons
6. Country Song
7. Let You Down
8. Rise Above This
9. Weak
10. Tonight
11. Nobody Praying For Me
12. Careless Whisper

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13. Truth
14. Gasoline
15. Betray And Degrade
16. Breakdown
17. Same Damn Life
18. The Gift
19. Driven Under
20. Dangerous


The 20 songs on this compilation have amassed 16 No. 1 chart positions and all are Top 5 multi-format radio hits. This collection is an audio summary of the first 20 years of Billboard's No. 8 all-time Mainstream Rock artists, which covers the 40-year history of the chart's existence. The album, due for release on October 15 via Craft Recordings, was carefully curated by frontman Shaun Morgan and highlights tracks Read more [...] from his band's eight full-length albums — including early breakthrough singles "Broken" and "Fine Again"; the recent No. 1 on both the Rock and Active Rock charts, "Dangerous"; as well as their fan favorite cover of WHAM's "Careless Whisper". Known for their dedication to their fans, SEETHER selected fan submitted artwork for the album cover.


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