SEELENWALZER Seelenwalzer (Re-Issue) CD

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1. Für die Ewigkeit
2. Ich mach dich tot
3. Der jüngste Tag
4. Blut der Pferde
5. Kopfjäger
6. Schönheit der Trauer
7. Jungfernflug
8. Goin' Out West
9. Kartharsis
10. Kill For Allah
11. Worte des Fleisches


SEELENWALZER is the follower band of the band RICHTHOFEN, who was active in the genre of the NDH/Nu Metal in the years 1997 to 1999 and published in this time two studio albums. The first album of the band Richthofen, which had been founded by Andy Classen and Dirk Weiss, was called Seelenwalzer.


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