ROSSI / RICKARD We Talk Too Much CD New!

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1. I'll Take You Home
2. I've Tried Letting It Go
3. Oughta Know by Now
4. But I Just Said Goodbye
5. Waiting for Jesus
6. I'm Only Happy
7. Rearrange
8. I Talk Too Much
9. Heartbreaker
10. Good Times Bad Times
11. Sinking in Blue
12. Maybe Tomorrow


‘We Talk Too Much’ is the title of the album by Rossi / Rickard - the pair met when Hannah Rickard worked with Status Quo on the hugely successful ‘Aquostic’ projects. Reconnecting with one of Rossi’s true loves, this is a collection of Country-flavoured duets. Featuring all brand-new material, and boasting writing credits for Rossi and Rickard as well as Quo stalwart Bob Young, this album has been a true labour of Read more [...] love.


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