REXORIA Ice Breaker CD Soon!

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1. Velvet Heroes
2. Fight The Demons
3. Endless Nights
4. In The Wild
5. Reach For The Heavens In Time
6. Ice Breaker
7. Wind and Rain
8. The Rise Of The Phoenix
9. Brothers Of Asgaard
10. The Raging Thunder
11. Roaring
12. Var Verklinget


The Swedish melodic heavy metal band REXORIA is now back with their second album ‘Ice Breaker’ which delivers a lot of power, speed and metal feeling! Band members are Jonas Gustavsson (b/g), Cristofer Svensson (g), Martin Gustavsson (d) and the charismatic singer Frida Ohlin. Together they create a sound with various folk and power influences which will bring you right into the dark forests and up on high Read more [...] mountains!

‘Ice Breaker’ has been mixed and mastered in the famous studio Studio Fredman in Gothenburg by Fredrik Nordström.

Joining the band as a guest singer on their Swedish song ”Vår Verklighet” is Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil).



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