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1. Cold Killer
2. In Our Blood
3. King Again
4. Eye Of A Hurricane
5. Heavy Heart
6. Raise The Dead
7. Paid Off
8. End Of A Shotgun
9. Evil Lies
10. Do You Wanna Live
11. My Execution


Furthering that sonic evolution, In Our Blood sees Redlight King notch soaring new highs with a clutch of revved-up, guitar powered bangers. Kaz explains, “I wanted fast, heavy rock songs and I wanted it to seamlessly translate to the live show, with a full rock band - something that was well-recorded but nothing too slick or overproduced.” Mission accomplished. In Our Blood opens with the taut double-barreled Read more [...] swagger of “Cold Killer,” showcasing the band’s serious groove rock credentials. There’s a renewed creative spark evident in the boogie-drenched intensity of tracks like “Raise The Dead,” and “Do You Wanna Live,” one of the album’s most introspective and catchiest tracks.

What separates In Our Blood from so much of mainstream rock today is its unguarded sense of optimism. These are challenging, complex themes, yet running through all eleven tracks is a defiant undercurrent of hope. "I feel like my music has always been about telling people’s stories and saying what’s really going on from the grass roots perspective, with a bit of hope in the message,” he says. It comes across loudly in the title track, an absolute haymaker with mighty hooks and a towering chorus. Elsewhere, on lyrically-poignant cuts like "Paid Off" and "Evil Lies", Kaz takes aim at political hypocrisy and the erosion of truth in today’s divisive landscape. For a double dose of driving riffs and searing blues rock vibes, "King Again" and "Eye Of A Hurricane", pair turbocharged tempos with some of the vocalist’s most personal lyrics yet. "Heavy Heart", written after losing his marriage, is a captivating slice of balladry, rendered in lush melodic textures, and closer "My Execution" considers the perspective of a man making his final steps towards his last moment on earth.
Producing nearly all of the tracks himself, Kaz explains that the journey of In Our Blood was more personal and challenging than anything he’d worked on before. "Being the writer and the arranger and having to get my engineering chops to a place where I could trust myself to get a take the way I needed it", he says. "Being able to put it down and walk away from it quickly. I’m used to running my ideas by lots of people and having another producer and mixer in the room."


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