RAM The Throne Within (Deluxe Edition) CD Soon!

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CD 1:
1. The Shadowwork
2. Blades of Betrayal
3. Fang and Fur
4. Violence (Is Golden)
5. The Trap
6. No Refuge
7. Spirit Reaper
8. You All Leave
9. Ravnfell

CD 2:

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1. Into the Light
2. Spirit Reaper - Extended Version
3. Ravnfell - Extended Version


This Version comes 2-CD + Patch.

There can be few better ways to mark the 20th anniversary of your band than releasing the finest record of your career. In RAM's instance, this comes in the form of The Throne Within, the Swedish quintet upping their game across the board to deliver a record with deep roots in classic heavy metal but wielding an energy and freshness to it that places it very much Read more [...] in the now. "It is unmistakable RAM, there are fast songs, heavy songs, mid-tempo and slower tempos as well. There's melody and there's grit. The arrangements are recognizable but some may be unorthodox," states founding guitarist Harry Granroth.

MUSIC VIDEO RAM Blades of Betrayal


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