PSYCHOPUNCH Greetings From Suckerville CD

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1. Shut Your Fucking Mouth
2. I'Ll Be Home Tonight
3. Darling, Take All of Me
4. Love
5. Scream Your Little Heart Out
6. Crash Landing
7. Liar
8. I Don'T Need a Broken Heart
9. City'S on Fire
10. Let'S Do It Again
11. Tell Me Everything
12. Over You
13. Raise Your Glass

13. Raise Your Glass


Four years have passed since the last studio album of Psychopunch. So it's high time to catch up! On "Greetings From Suckerville"; the band undertook a little time travel and decided for a raw Rock 'N'; Roll/Punk Rock 'N'; Roll sound, which washed itself - just like then, in the "good old days";! Shorter songs, more attitude, but still catchy songs full of passion and Read more [...] party feeling that invite you to join in. But the band didn't take themselves that seriously, not even during the recordings - and you should take an example! Just let the music work on you, take it as it comes and be a bit more Rock 'N'; Roll!

MUSIC VIDEO PSYCHOPUNCH Scream Your Little Heart Out


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