POWERWOLF Interludium (MediaBook)
CD Digibook

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CD 1:
1. Wolves Of War
2. Sainted by the Storm
3. No Prayer At Midnight
4. My Will Be Done
5. Altars On Fire
6. Wolfborn
7. Stronger Than The Sacrament
8. Living On A Nightmare
9. Midnight Madonna
10. Bête du Gévaudan

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CD 2:
Communio Lupatum II
1. Wind Rose - Werewolves Of Armenia
2. Mystic Prophecy - Reverent Of Rats
3. Annisokay - Dancing With The Dead
4. Rage - Call Of The Wild
5. Ad Infinitum - Venom Of Venus
6. Korpiklaani - Sudenmorsian (Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone)
7. Eisbrecher - Stossgebet
8. Electric Callboy - Fire & Forgive
9. Warkings - Armata Strigoi
10. Lord Of The Lost - We Are The Wild
11. Unleash The Archers - Night Of The Werewolves


The new release features six new studio tracks, including the single "Sainted By The Storm", which was already celebrated on the band's exhilarating Wolfsnächte 2022 headline tour, as well as one of the most intense tracks in the band's history, "My Will Be Done". The new tracks unite POWERWOLF's musical trademarks and put the strengths of the band as a grown unit in the foreground. Charles and Matthew Greywolf's Read more [...] grandiose guitar playing, Attila Dorn's epochal voice, Roel van Helden's intensity on drums and Falk Maria Schlegel's omnipresent and recognizable organ come together perfectly.

Interludium also features gems and rarities from the band's history. "Stronger Than The Sacrament" and "Living On A Nightmare" were only available on strictly limited samplers and tour-EP-singles from 2012 and 2015. "Midnight Madonna" was released on the Earbook edition of The Sacrament Of Sin, while fans from France will know "Bête du Gévaudan" as the French version of the hit single "Beast Of Gevaudan" from an exclusive single version.

The 10 songs on the album were produced by the outstanding quartet of Joost van den Broek, Jacob Hansen, Jens Bogren and Fredrik Nordström. The impressive album artwork was crafted by the exceptional Zsofia Dankova once again.

Interludium comes in several editions, most of them containing another exciting surprise: the bonus album Communio Lupatum II, where eleven befriended bands like Eisbrecher, Electric Callboy, Korpiklaani and Rage cover some of the biggest hits of POWERWOLF’s career. More limited versions also contain the second bonus album Interludium Orchestrale, containing eight orchestral versions of the album tracks.


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