PASSCODE Clarity CD New!

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1. Projection
2. Dive Into The Light
3. Ray
4. 4
5. Taking you out
6. The Day With Nothing
7. Horoscope
8. It’s you
9. In the Rain
10. Trickster
11. Tonight
12. Will

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Bonus Track:
13. One or Eight


Comprised of members Yuna Imada, Kaede Takashima, Nao Minami and Hinako Ogamia, their sound is an incredible mix of rock, pop and electronic dance music. Ex Libris PassCode will mark a starting point for overseas fans and newcomers to dive into their world. The album includes tracks that span the group’s career so far, selected from their first Universal Music release MISS UNLIMITED, their first major-label album Read more [...] ZENITH, and Locus, a collection of re-recorded versions of their classic indie tracks. Also included is a previously unreleased re-recording of the track NINJA BOMBER.



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