NITROGODS 10 Years Of Crap - Live
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CD 1:
1. Black Car Driving Man
2. Gasoline
3. At Least I'm Drunk
4. Breaking Loose
5. Boogeyman
6. A Los Muertos
7. Back Home
8. Rifle Down
9. Lipsynch Stars

CD 2:

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1. Nothing But Trouble
2. Damn Right
3. Rancid Rock
4. Drum Solo
5. Wheelin'
6. Rats & Rumours
7. Take It To The Highway
8. Whiskey Wonderland
9. Wasted In Berlin
10. We'll Bring The House Down


After more than 10 years of playing and touring, NITROGODS felt that it was about time to release a live album. The songs on this live double album were recorded by Jacky Lee Man, sound guy of Saxon, during two live shows in Berlin and Hannover, Germany, in 2019. Needless to say, that there was plenty of great material to fill a double album with a lot of rock 'n' roll.
The album was mixed and mastered by a Read more [...] good friend of the band, Stefan Leibing (former guitarist of Primal Fear), who made sure that it became an incredibly powerful masterpiece that captures the power of the band's live sets perfectly. It is an album that was forged in the spirit of the classic 70's and early 80's live double albums NITROGODS used to love when they were young.


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