NASTY Menace
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1. Ultimate
2. Bulletrain
3. Menace
4. Be Careful
5. 666AM
6. Tricky Plays
7. Betrayer
8. You Will Know My Name
9. Inhale/Exhale
10. Blood Crop
11. Addicted
12. Table Of Kings

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13. The End Of The World
14. Ballad Of Bullets


Now, in a time of uncertainty, Belgiums NASTY is bringing the certainty of crushing sounds with their Century Media debut full-length, "Menace". According to the band, "Menace" partially manifested itself during these globally turbulent times. "When the pandemic started it hit us all pretty bad during the recording and writing process. We wanted to write about the craziness in this world. This world is a menace for Read more [...] you, but you are also in danger of becoming a menace to this world through the input given by it."

"Menace" is 14 tracks of pure, pummeling musical violence. Recorded by Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day), "Menace" fits perfectly within NASTYs mantra, "Four dudes doing fucked up music for a fucked up world". Traditional song structures are sacked and replaced with stream of consciousness time signatures, breakdowns that drop like boulders with no warning, and Matthi - who handles all the vocals on the record - sounds like hes screaming himself inside-out on every track.

"Menace" could be NASTYs most vengeful release to date. It is the sonic equivalent of a massive contusion. The front cover, done by artist Michael Shantz (Bring Me The Horizon, Your Demise, Drop Dead Clothing and many more), was already finished in late 2019, but turned out to be strangely fitting for these times. The band comments: "Our only guideline was capturing the insanity of the world including all kinds of nowadays additions. We gave him free rein and this is what he came up with.
"Despite its caustic and chaotic nature, NASTY hopes that fans can find some catharsis in "Menace". "We hope ...Menace shows that you are not alone facing the problems the pandemic brings with it, and gives you new energy to fight through its effects".


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