NARNIA Soli Deo Gloria - 25 Years Compilation
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CD 1:
1. A Crack In The Sky
2. You Are The Air That I Breathe
3. Has The River Run Dry?
5. The War That Tore The Land
6. Reach for the Top (Live)
7. I Still Believe
8. On The Highest Mountain
9. Thank You
10. Sail Around The World
11. Scared

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12. One Way To Freedom
13. Into This Game
14. People Of The Blood Red Cross
15. Another World
16. Enter The Gate
17. Back From Hell (Live)

CD 2:
1. Inner Sanctum (Live)
2. The Witch and the Lion
3. Falling from the Throne
4. Revolution of Mother Earth
5. Living Water (2017 Version Featuring)
6. Shelter Through the Pain (Live)
7. The Mission
8. Dangerous Game
9. Miracle (Japan Bonus Track)
10. Long Live The King (Live)
11. Break the Chains
12. No More Shadows from the Past (Live)
13. The Awakening (Live)


Narnia, formed 1996, called The Melodic Metal Masters, celebrating 25 years Narnia has established themselves to be one of the best melodic metal band on the metal scene. They marked the way of new wave of Swedish metal in late 90's together with Hammerfall, In Flames, Mustasch & Evergrey. Toured with Ronnie James Dio, Statovarius, Sonata Arctica, Yngwie Malmsteen, Saxon, Pretty Maids, Europe, Judas Priest, Sabaton, Read more [...] Stryper and many more.


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