MOUNTAINEER Sirens & Slumber CD

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01. Foam
02. Coma Fever
03. Measured Breaths
04. Womb
05. Pull The Blinds
06. Siren Song
07. Fog And Distant Light
08. Adrift
09. Good Night


Sad, but yet somehow beautiful - this could be a rough description for “Sirens & Slumber”. Bay Area’s MOUNTAINEER introduce themselves with a debut album that is build on opposites and supposed contradictions. At the same time, the nine songs touch the listeners in the innermost. The group pursues a subtle straightforward path, using clear patterns of action. Nevertheless, the songwriting is surprising and Read more [...] thrilling. At first listen you never expect the recall factor, “Sirens & Slumber” develops. With only little input MOUNTAINEER create magnificent music - an organic soundscape of ravishing beauty and formidable profundity. MOUNTAINEER was formed in late 2015 by guitarist Clayton Bartholomew (ex-SECRETS OF THE SKY, ex- LYCUS), vocalist Miguel Meza (ex- ASHES OF AMERICAN FLAGS) as well as guitarist Mike McClatchey, drummer Sean McCullough, and bassist David Small (all currently of LAMENT CITYSCAPE) in Oakland. The Californian band is discovering and testing the wide space in between dreamy postrock, shoegaze, and even sludgegaze or post-metal. Sometimes the songs on “Sirens & Slumber” grow to end heavy and abrupt. But mostly, MOUNTAINEER act with discretion and patience to create melancholic atmospheres of dark beauty.



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