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01. Shadowlands
02. The Destroyer
03. Drowning In Your Loving Cup
04. Stolen Ages
05. Gamma Hydra
06. The Blasting Concept
07. Woman Song
08. The Wild & Gentle Dog


Issue MOS GENERATOR guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed of the album :
"Right from the opening song, Shadowlands is a record that, to me, feels more honest than our previous releases,” relays founding guitarist/vocalist/principal songwriter Tony Reed. “On this record, I introduce many other styles that I enjoy but they are intertwined so subtly that it doesn’t interrupt the classic MOS GENERATOR sound.
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That is a balance I’ve been looking for over the last few albums and I think the presence of [drummer] Jon Garrett and [bassist] Sean Booth have a lot to do with achieving that balance. It’s a heavy rock record that breaths and if I had to describe it further I would say it mixes ‘70s style heavy rock, progressive rock, and also has some weird ‘80s and ‘90s underground rock nuances.”


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