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CD 1:
1. Bounty Hunter
2. Whiskey Man
3. Why Wonít You Take Me Home
4. Son Of The South
5. American Pride
6. Edge Of Sundown
7. Fall Of The Peacemakers
8. Devilís Canyon
9. One Manís Pleasure
10. The Creeper
11. In The Darkness Of The Night

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CD 2:
1. Justice
2. As Heaven Is Forever
3. Iím Gonna Live ĎTil I Die
4. Beatiní The Odds
5. Jukiní City
6. Dreams Iíll Never See
7. The Journey
8. Flirtin' With Disaster


Itís no secret that a lot of fans measure the artistic value of a rock band mainly by the quality of a groupís live performance. The Allman Brothers without their legendary concerts? Unthinkable! Lynyrd Skynyrd as just another anemic studio project? Impossible to imagine! The same goes for Molly Hatchet as another legendary force among these protagonists of the longstanding history of Southern rock that, alongside Read more [...] lots of outstanding studio recordings, the bandís full potential comes into effect live on stage. Again and again, the musicians surrounding guitarist Bobby Ingram have reinforced their reputation as an awesome live act in brilliant live ďbattlesĒ, so it comes as no surprise that requests by their international fan base for a new live recording have been growing increasingly insistent for a number of years.


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