MAGNUM Dance Of The Black Tattoo
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1. Black Skies (Live)
2. Freedom Day (Live)
3. All My Bridges (Live)
4. On A Storyteller’s Night (Live)
5. Dance Of The Black Tattoo (Live)
6. On Christmas Day (Radio Edit)
7. Born To Be King
8. Phantom Of Paradise Circus
9. No God Or Saviour
10. Your Dreams Won't Die (Live)
11. Twelve Men Wise And Just (Live)
12. Show Me Your Hands (Radio Edit)

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13. Not Forgiven (Radio Edit)
14. Madman or Messiah (Radio Edit)


In 2017 the hard rockers of MAGNUM showed their dreamy and calm side when they released the ballad compilation "The Valley Of Tears - The Ballads".

The counterpart is now released three years later. "Dance Of The Black Tattoo" contains the band's greatest most successful rock numbers, some of which can be heard as live or edit versions, and have all been remastered.

Guitarist and Read more [...] bandleader Tony Clarkin says: "Magnum always had two sides to it, a more gentle and lyrical one, but of course above all a very powerful and rocking one. And this is exactly what Dance Of The Black Tattoo impressively documents".


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