LOVEBITES Heavy Metal Never Dies - Live in Tokyo 2021
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CD 1:
1. Ride For Vengeance (Intro)
2. When Destinies Align
3. The Crusade
4. Golden Destination
5. Set The World On Fire
6. Shadowmaker
7. Today Is The Day
8. Winds Of Transylvania
9. Spellbound
10. The Unbroken

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CD 2:
1. A Frozen Serenade
2. Swan Song
3. Glory To The World
4. The Apocalypse
5. M.D.O.
6. Don't Bite The Dust
7. Holy War
8. Thunder Vengeance
9. Under The Red Sky


Japanese metal band LOVEBITES celebrate the glory of live music with their most heavy metal live experience so far!

With HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES, LOVEBITES captures the essence of what it means to put on a metal show with this 2CD live album recorded at TOKYO DOME HALL within the limits of Japan’s coronavirus restrictions. Venue capacity was limited and fans were not allowed to cheer, so LOVEBITES set Read more [...] out to show that even with such limits, HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES!

HEAVY METAL NEVER DIES boasts a total of 19 tracks, including seven songs performed live for the very first time. Among these are ‘SET THE WORLD ON FIRE’ accompanied by pillars of fire, ‘A FROZEN SERENADE’ performed while snow falls, and ‘SPELLBOUND’ featuring Miyako playing keytar for the first time, as well as other exciting stage productions. It is also the final live recording from the band before bassist Miho left and the band went on hiatus.

MUSIC VIDEO LOVEBITES Don't Bite The Dust (Live)

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