LOCK UP The Dregs of Hades
CD Sleepcase

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1. Death Itself, Brother Of Sleep (Intro)
2. Hell Will Plague The Ruins
3. The Dregs Of Hades
4. Black Illumination
5. Dark Force Of Conviction
6. Misdirection Thief
7. Dead Legions
8. Triumph Of The Grotesque
9. Nameless Death
10. A Sinful Life Of Power
11. Ashes
12. The Blind Beast

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13. Reign On In Hell
14. Crucifixion Of Distorted Existence


Following the departure of Nicholas Barker to hardcore act Borstal, Adam Jarvis (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer) took over the drums duties and Tomas Lindberg
(Grotesque, At The Gates ...) joined the band again for a duelling vocals insane assault on LOCK UPs new album entitled ...The Dregs of Hades .
The fifth LOCK UP album explodes and keeps on exploding for a gruelling, sinew-wrenching 40 minutes Read more [...] of black-hearted speed-worship.

MUSIC VIDEO LOCK UP Hell Will Plague The Ruins

Added on 2021-11-05


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