KILL RITUAL The Opaque And The Divine CD

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1. The Opaque And The Divine
2. Rest In Pain
3. Dead God
4. King Of Fools
5. World Gone Mad
6. Praise The Dead
7. The Veil Of The Betrayer
8. Touch The Dark
9. A Child To Die For Again


New vocalist Brian "Chalice" Betterton (Dirt) brings a broad, metallic vocal range that is emblematic of the bands classic and current metal style. Screams from hell to classic rock and metal voices.

The album was recorded at Sonic Train Studios Varberg, Sweden and Fossil Sound San Jose, California. Mixed/Mastered at Sonic Train Studios by Andy La Rocque. Engineered by Andy La Rocque and Read more [...] Steven D. Rice.
Guest appearances by Andy La Rocque (King Of Fools, solo), Chris Lotesto (Touch The Dark, solo), Joey Concepcion (The Veil Of The Betrayer, solos).


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