KADAVAR The isolation tapes (Premium Edition)
CD Digipak

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1. The Lonely Child
2. I Fly Among The Stars
3. Unnaturally Strange (?)
4. (I Won´t Leave You) Rosi
5. The World Is Standing Still
6. Eternal Light (We Will Be OK)
7. Peculiareality (!)
8. Everything Is Changing
9. The Flat Earth Theory
10. Black Spring Rising

CD 2: Live

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1. The End
2. The Devil´s Master
3. Evil Forces
4. Into The Wormhole
5. Living In Your Head
6. Black Sun
7. Demons In My Mind
8. The Old Man
9. Into The Night
10. Die Baby Die
11. Long Forgotten Song
12. Come Back Life
13. All Our Thoughts


With their 6th studio album, Kadavar take us on a journey to their musical roots and back to the future. Mind-bending songs about isolation, transformation and spiritual growth, all created in the first Corona lockdown - "The Isolation Tapes".

KADAVAR are one of the first bands to offer a live stream in March 2020 after their entire world tour is cancelled. From their studio, they play their rehearsed Read more [...] set to worldwide applause. This grandiose lockdown concert is included in the Premium Edition of "The Isolation Tapes".


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