IRON SAVIOR Skycrest (Limited BoxSet) CD Box Soon!

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1. The Guardian
2. Skycrest
3. Our Time Has Come
4. Hellbreaker
5. Souleater
6. Welcome To The New World
7. There Can Be Only One
8. Silver Bullet
9. Raise The Flag
10. End Of The Rainbow
11. Ease Your Pain
12. Ode To The Brave


Ltd. Boxset contains:
- Digipak-CD
- Exclusive Iron Savior T-Shirt "Skycrest" (Size L)
- Toothbrush with IRON SAVIOR logo
- Metal pin „Skycrest“
- Hand signed autograph card
- A5 lyric sheets in handwriting
- Certificate of authenticity

IRON SAVIOR - after 10 albums that included chart placements for „Titancraft“ (2016) and „Kill Or Get Killed" (2019), Read more [...] and over 7,5 million streams for the hymn „Heavy Metal Never Dies“ it is quite clear that IRON SAVIOR from Hamburg are a pillar of the Power Metal scene.

Two years after the latest output and a few hardships later (such as a global pandemic and bass player Jan suffering from a severe disease, from which he has luckily recovered) comes "Skycrest" - a very personal album, as you can hear either quite direct during „Ease Your Pain“ when Jan takes over vocal duties, or also more subtle between the lines elsewhere. Power Metal at it‘s best, unbroken joy of playing that even the pandemic can‘t suppress, tight guitar solos, catchy choirs and the exceptional vocals by fronter Piet - all that means that IRON SAVIOR are about to add another classic to their discography!


Added on 2020-11-13


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