INTRICATED Apocalyptic Metamorphosis
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1. The Sixth Invisible Light of the Unobserved Heterogeneity Dimension
2. Ruthless Domination
3. Impaling the Emperor
4. Summoning the Abyzou
5. An Experimentation of Genocide (Unit 731)
6. Flagitious Meditation
7. The Manifest of Apocalyptic Variation
8. Enigmatic Portal of Demise
9. Interdimensional Being ...
10. Iniquitous Creatures


Their new album ...Apocalyptic Metamorphosis features ten tracks of precision putridity and bludgeoning brutality that twist themselves through impossible grotesque contortions, shifting from a slime-ridden crawl to a terrifying skin flaying blast with barely a breath in between. A sense of threat and menace hangs heavy between the thunderous riffs and death is never more than a heartbeat away. Coming to you Read more [...] directly from the sin swamped streets of Bangkok, Intricated will eat you alive!


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