INNER AXIS Midnight Hunter / Steelbladed Avenger
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1. Midnight Hunter
2. Steelbladed Avenger
3. Midnight Hunter (Instrumental)
4. Steelbladed Avenger (Instrumental)


Both songs were produced in the PITCHBLACK STUDIOS and deliver a perfect genre-sound, noticeably enhanced by new band member and guitarist Nino Helfrich (also IRON ANGEL) and Annihilator bass player Rich Gray, who contributed his skills on the two tracks. Also regarding the artwork the band does not make any compromise by hiring specialist Jan Yrlund, who also worked for Manowar, Apocalyptica, Battle Beast, Bon Jovi Read more [...] and Korpiklaani before. The first single is called "Midnight Hunter" and was released with an instrumental B-side on April, 9th together with a music video. Some additional video specials were also released in the following days and weeks. "Midnight Hunter" demonstrates the band's capabilities to create and perform powerful, epic as well as catchy songs in the spirit of classic 80s metal, which is also emphasized by the cover artwork design and visual presentation of the music video. In addition to this female bass player Melissa Cavo is featured on the performance shots of this video. With the second single "Steelbladed Avenger", released on Mai, 14th incl. an instrumental B-side, the band goes full throttle with another epic and catchy metal hymn. Even more developed in terms of sound and composition these two new singles set a new level in the bands musical career. Regarding the music video they joined forces with director Alex Popov, who also was responsible for the specials effects of the Oscar-nominated movie TWO DISTANT STRANGERS as well as director Danny McBride (producer and writer for UNDERWORLD). The team produced a short movie FALLEN ANGEL, which was combined with INNER AXIS' performance shots creating the perfect "Steelbladed Avenger" music clip. The movie and clip also features actress Ellen Hollmann (the Steelbladed Avenger), who recently finished her part in The Matrix 4 and worked on the projects Criminal Minds, Spartacus, CSI: Las Vegas, Scorpion King 4, Leathal Weapon: Series, NCIS: New Orleans before. Additional performers include Steven Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick 2, Logan: the wolverine, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Scott Mcelroy (Resorvoir Dogs, Star Treck: Deep Space Nine, Underworld ... stunts for Pulp Fiction) and Anthony De Longis (Master of the Universe, Star Treck Voyager, Highlander: Series, Batman Returns).

MUSIC VIDEO INNER AXIS Steelbladed Avenger

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