IMPENDING DOOM The Sin and Doom Vol. II CD

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1. The Wretched and Godless
2. Burn
3. War Music
5. Paved With Bones
6. The Serpents Tongue
7. Unbroken
8. Devils Den
9. Everything's Fake
10. Run For Your Life (She Calls)


The Serpent Servant (2009), There Will be Violence (2010), Baptized in Filth (2012), and Death Will Reign (2013), never surrendered the band’s belief in combining a dark depiction of humankind’s current state with the hope of a renewed life snatched from the jaws of all that is death, even as they explored and incorporated various aspects of traditional metal and blistering thrash. Now Impending Doom arise once Read more [...] again from where they began, their own alpha and omega as a band, crafting a sixth album as punishing, focused, bottom-heavy, and musically blood soaked as the earliest efforts that first won them notice before any notions of commerce beckoned them toward the more commonplace career path of the metal music industry. They’ve worked with top-tier genre producers in the past, including Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed, Queensrÿche) and Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction, Thy Art Is Murder), but for album number six, they’ve returned to the grassroots and hands-on way they engineered and produced their earliest recordings, cloaking it in grimy sonic mysteries anew. Christopher Eck, who produced their first album, oversaw the proceedings once again. This is musical blunt force trauma, from a personal place of desperate salvation and resolve. No competition, no compromise, no careerism. Impending Doom are renewed, more pure than ever, united in their collective vision to create the heaviest metal missives imaginable.



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