HUMAN FORTRESS Epic Tales & Untold Stories
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CD 1:
1. The Grimoire (feat. Michael Bormann)
2. Disappear in Dark Shadows (feat. Tommy Newton)
3. Vain Endeavour
4. Free
5. Fernweh
6. We Are Legion (Gus Version)
7. Cruel Fantasy
8. Pray for Salvation (Orchestral Version)

CD 2:
1. Lord of Earth and Heavens Heir (Edit Version)

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2. The Dragons Lair
3. Defenders of the Crown (feat. Andreas Kienitz)
4. Border Raid in Lions March (feat. Hartmut Richter)
5. Gladiator of Rome (Part 1)
6. Gladiator of Rome (Part 2)
7. Wasted Years
8. The Chosen One
9. Dark Knight
10. Thieves of the Night
11. Rise or Fall
12. Thrice Blessed
13. Luciver's Waltz
14. Surrender
15. Thunder


The new release of the epic power metal institution HUMAN FORTRESS: New, rare and previously unreleased tracks meet a selection of the band's best songs!
"Epic Tales & Untold Stories" is the most epic and commercial release of the band so far, and a gift and a huge thanks to their fans for more than 20 years of trust and solidarity!


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