HEGEMON Sidereus Nuncius
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1. Heimarménè
2. Mellonta Tauta
3. Shamanic Cosmocrator
4. Ascendency Of Astral Chaos
5. Shape Shifting Void
6. Ad Astra Per Obscura
7. Black Hole Womb
8. Your Suffering, My Pillars


HEGEMON simply plays the Black Metal that burns in its soul with sincerity, honesty and integrity, never having claimed to be trailblazers, the group’s only creed. Together with this wild desire for freedom, independence, and complete rejection of anything that could reduce man to slavery, more and more the band profoundly rejects its human roots, as witnessed by the substitution of the band members’ names for a Read more [...] simple letter, because only music and disobedience count.


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