GODSLAVE 10/10 Rarities Recovered CD

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1. Our School
(Thrashed Vol 1, 2009)
2. T.N.A.
(Thrashed Vol 2, 2010)
3. Metal Machines
(Thrashed Vol 2, 2010)
4. Vodcarnivore
(Thrashed Vol 3, 2012)
5. God Slave The Queen
(Thrashed Vol 4, 2014)
6. Final Dosage
(Eradicator Cover, Thrashed Vol 4, 2014)

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7. S.O.S. - Slave Our Souls
(Live 2018)
8. Green Zone
(Live 2018)
9. Reborn Again
(Live 2018)
10. 10/10
(New Track, 2019)


With their music, Godslave makes a clear statement: a stretched middle finger against the daily madness! The message is direct: Music IN - Daily grind OUT. Welcome to the green zone - your well-deserved time out of the rubbish that you are fed with every day. Pure thrash metal wellness for body and mind, so to speak. Live, everything will be torn to pieces! When the show starts, there is only one rule: FULL FORCE Read more [...] FAST FORWARD! That's all you really should know about Godslave.


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