GOATH III: Shaped By the Unlight
CD Digipak

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1. Symbiosis of Vengeance And Guilt
2. Pretending To Serve While Raping
3. Shaped By The Unlight
4. Dissolving Flesh Redemption
5. Epitome of Perpetual Rage
6. Smoltification
7. Clitless Loyalty
8. Perception
9. Impregnated With Black Fire


With "III: Shaped by the Unlight" GOATH stick to everything they believe in and that is playing aggressive Death / Black Metal its purest form. Raw, very powerful and evil - and this time even darker than ever! Most of the material was recorded while playing live in the studio, just like on their previous albums. No clicktracks and not thousands of overdubs! This is what makes "III: Shaped by the Unlight" so brutal. Read more [...] The energy that GOATH is spreading here punches the listener directly into the face.

MUSIC VIDEO GOATH Dissolving Flesh Redemption

Added on 2021-03-04


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